Thursday, 28 June 2012

Paddling pool fun!

Indoor pool

If you had a read of my first post you'll be familiar with the blue material featured in this picture if not then it is simply a throw away tablecloth cut into strips and it makes an appearance during a lot of our play sessions. The inspiration for this indoor pool came when I managed to get my hands on a bag of duck shaped play balls which I am still in love with to this day. The are just adorable and I love playing with them as much as Dylan does. I set this up while he was sleeping and his eyes lit up when he awoke to this! I lined the bottom of an inflatable paddling pool with a survival blanket which is a definite must have in my opinion and I will share why in a future post but for now back to the ducks! The survival blanket and tablecloth strips made a lovely swishy crinkling noise which provided a great reward for Dylan's leg kicks and resulted in lots of squeals and laughs and the ducks, well they are just damn tasty!

I am a big fan of getting the most out of something while we have it out and it just seemed a shame to deflate the pool (we certainly didn't have the weather to use it outside!) so we had to think of something else to do with it. Then it hit me, we can't use it outside so lets use it inside. So we did! We already had all the ducks out so decided to just add some playballs and go for it, although we did dig out a swim nappy as well just to be on the safe side!

 We literally only filled the pool up maybe a couple of inches and just let Dylan splash in the water and play with the toys as he so wished. With him still being so little here we really didn't have to worry about our living room flooding but I think if we where to try this now we would all be soaked! While splashing in the pool we realised that Dylan's stacking cups each have 3 very small holes in the bottom and watching the water trickle out was fascinating for him and he oooh'd and aaaah'd while reaching out to touch the streams. We now still use these every bath time and as Dylan has grown he has learnt to fill and pour the water between them himself and I would recommend cups for bathtime for a child of any age.
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Claire said...

Cat, I can't tell you how amazingly proud I am of you and Dylan. It has been an absolute pleasure watching you and him on your journey and watching you both grow - keep up the good

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