Thursday, 28 June 2012

Classic with a twist


One thing I couldn't wait to enjoy with my son was finger painting! Partly because I was desperate to see Dylan's first work of art and partly because it was an excuse for me to splosh about in paint. I was definitely not dissapointed and just seeing Dylan amazed by all the colours on his skin made it a great experience. In our house messy play like this is saved for the hour before bath time and this makes the clean up operation so much easier! One of us departs early to run the bath while the other finishes off the play. I find that knowing we are going to put Dylan in the bath straight after play allows me to relax more as I know there isn't going to be a screaming fight to get him clean (or somewhere close to it) and also means that once he is bathed and bedded we can tidy up baby free. Now your probably wondering what the twist is so here you go...

We decided that since we where already covered in paint and bedtime seemed a long way off we may as well get even messier! So I grabbed a tin of supermarket own brand beans, stuck them in a bowl and placed them on the floor to see what Dylan made of them. At first he was happy just to touch them in the bowl but very soon they had to be squished, squashed and smeared across the floor. His favourite definitely seemed to be squishing them in handfuls as you can see in the above photo and I have to say squashing beans is by far much more fun than eating them!

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